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3D risk simulation

provides the graphic presentation in the risk management
(xp, ie8)

(win7, html5, mobile)
"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn", said Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790).

Will there always be security risks and human errors? Does the security culture of an organisation need training?

Crises trainer
The simulation tool is a virtual crises trainer for interactive excercising and training and allows you to acquire the correct behaviour in any critical situation.

The risk visualisation enables synenergetic learning effects from the knowledge management and risk management.

Specific situations
3D risk simulation enables effortless support for any working force: executives, qualified employees or assistants. This happens by optical display of company situations.

Recognising and evaluating risks
With 3D risk simulation risks can be recognised, evaluated and documented, due to visualised records and classification of relevant situations.

Practical help for risk analysis
3D risk simulation is the graphical support of risk analysing, hence allowing you to identify and value your risks. Usable in the scenario technic and checklist method.

Risk communication
3D risk simulation permits you to examine processes to enhance communication and actions. It supports risk communication and enables to decide if and which risks are acceptable.

Areas of use for 3D risk simulation
  • Aviation, process engineering, installation engineering, manufacturing systems, transport systems, mining industry, building industry, industrial safety and health protection, public planning, planning stages
  • Transport, storage and handling of substances hazardous to health

  • Enhanced risk awareness with the aid of visualised risk and security aspects
  • Augmented risk aggregation visible by means of graphical structure of every risk
  • Support of organisations in all issues of their security activities

Security management can be used in all areas of life and industry connected with hazard potential. Practically it accrues from experiences after accidents and crises. Crucial causes for accidents and crises, apart from human mistakes and failures in the technic, can also be serious deficiencies in organisations and logistics.


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