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3D learning techniques

Learning techniques in the 3D world Self-regulated behaviour in virtual surroundings make possible:
  • multiple attempts,
  • risk-free observations,
  • imitation under riskless circumstances.
e_PuTr1_2x1_3d-konrad e_PuTr2_2x1_3d-konrad
Learning, exploiting, presenting
The navigation in the virtual environment allows immersive and random orientations.
In virtual technical devices, plants and in virtual spaces specific possibilities will be opened for any user and situation: the observer decides, what he is going to watch and where and when he is going to do it, as needed in the customer meeting or in the self-studies.
e_SchwT_2x1_3d-konrad Kupplung_001_240
Virtual welding trainer

The interactive virtual welding trainer provides diverse menu items. In the virtual reality you move the gas cylinders onto the welding carriages, fasten the supporting chains, following all essentials as in real life courses needed. Synchronously provided video clips answer your learning questions and show how to continue correctly.
SK1_013_k_240 SK1_016_k_240
Project: Functions in Real 3D
Navigate within the simulation and trigger the functional animations to learn about or explain the product features.
Open and start any data files and additional information as pdf-, ppt-, video and exploded views within the application or start the related spare parts management.

Whiteboards: all functions of the real 3D application are performable on whiteboards without limitations.
e194_2x1_3d-konrad e_Cy_2x1_3d-konrad
Project: free choice in how and where to make the virtual walk-through
The spacious plant consists of tanks, large piping systems and buildings.
The virtual walk-through, which allows you to move freely, shows you the process flows of tanks and pipes in transparent views, as the parts e.g. the tanks are completely see-through. Additional information e.g. pdf- and ppt-files, videos and pictures can be eaily viewed, enriched by audio messages.
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