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Panorama videos and panorama tours are either real  recordings or pure virtual simulations.
  • with panorama videos real dynamic flows in 360° mode are recorded,
  • e.g. to evaluate a manufacturing process in 360° mode in a robot cell or
  • to catch with one view the complete flow production in a factory hall in a 360° mode, from aerial perspective, etc.

Applications for companies and trade e.g.:
  • to facilitate the orientation on the company grounds for the new or uninformed employees
  • to analyse the manufacturing processes,
  • for documentations of trade-fair appearances, of fair overviews and exhibitions,
  • to present real estate, etc.

The possibilities:
  • integrate promotions and sales campaigns in the 360° panoramas
  • integrate manufacturing and product information, put hotspots and links at will
  • for planners, building owners, architects: integrate your building plans, factory plans and schedules
  • guide in architectural films, etc.
    360° Service: 360.3d-konrad.de


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