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3D scenario techniques

e.g. accident blackspot (xp, ie8)

(win7, html5, mobile)

  • 3D scenario techniques is a method to generate or to simulate strategic plannings or current conditions optically.
    3D scenario techniques is a visualisation technique and offers the possibility to display, analyse and comment future, present or past situations in a virtual simulation.
  • With the 3D scenario techniques alternative situations and different conditions can be thought through, played and discussed.
  • In the scenarios real or hypothetical consequences of occurences are simulated to point out causal processes and decision-making moments. Consequently in each stage the different possibilities for different actors are visibly shown.
  • Applications: typical scenarios, extreme scenarios, positive extreme scenarios, best-case scenarios, negative extreme scenarios, worst case scenarios.
  • Areas: usable for many areas of the industry, public sector or private section.


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